Rooftop Solar Grid


The grid system primarily consists of :

The Solar Panel Grid

Each panel is an assemblage of what is known as Photovoltaic Cells which perform the unique task of converting Solar Energy to usable Electricity (DC) ideal for domestic usage.

The Mounting Structure

A stable support structure to install the panels with precision.

An Inverter

The electricity generated by the solar panels in the form of direct current (DC) is converted into alternate current (AC) by the Inverter that can be used to run appliances and circuits in your premises and excess electricity can be exported to the grid parallaly.

How Solar earns you Revenues

The Solar Grid is built in such a way, that it is connected to the public electricity system like any traditional power system installed in regular houses. This way, you can easily export (and sell) the excess solar energy that you produce to the public and earn revenues. And as the excess solar energy gets transported through the grid to public sources, it is an easy & viable option of passive earning through smart investment. Solar energy is sold at a relatively higher price, hence, promising you a source of potential earning for the next two decades.

With one time installation of Green Sun Solar Rooftop, you can harness clean, inexhaustible energy from your solar panels for a good twenty five years. Our panels come with an extremely long shelf life & are built to provide you with extremely cheap sources of electricity in the long run, that leaves zero harmful residues in the atmosphere & drastically reduce your carbon footprint. For a surface area of 100 sq. feet, Green Sun will be able to install an estimated 1 kW of solar plant .

How Grid connected solar works :


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