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The Off-Grid Solar Panel Set-Up is the perfect choice for electricity harvesting in independent set-ups. With an off-grid system installed by Green Sun, you will never experience incidences of power-cuts again, which is generally common in public circuits.

An off-grid set up is slightly different from a grid set up. It is not connected to the public electricity grid hence you cannot export/sell the extra amount of energy generated by the panels to the public. When your facility has extracted enough energy to run the appliances in your house, the extra amount of energy is designed to be stored in a Battery. Hence, when the entire neighborhood will be suffering from incidences of power-cuts, with the help of Green Sun, your facility will still get access to uninterrupted electricity that gets stored in the battery for times like these.

An Off-Grid Roof Solar set-up comes with

The Solar Panel

Green Sun maps the surface area of your roof & develope frame geared with Photovoltaic Cells that capture the Solar Energy.

The Mounting Structure

Our adept workers install slip-proof, sturdy mounting structures to facilitate the strategic placement of solar panels.

An Inverter

The Green Sun inverter converts solar energy assimilated by the PV panels and converts it into usable electricity.

The Battery Bank

After ample usage of energy throughout your facility, the extra energy gets stored in the Green Sun Battery Bank.

Backup Generator

The last resort, when even the battery starts running low on reserve, the Green Sun Backup Generator charges up your battery and supplies your facility with the needful power supply so that you never experience an episode of power-cut.

With Green Sun, your electricity needs are imminently taken care of for a long period of time. With skillful installation & expert & regular maintenance, we are your best option in the sphere of Solar Energy Harvesting.

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