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Being A Part of the Solar Revolution

Green Sun Energy is an integrated establishment that solely concentrates on harnessing the endless power of the Sun. We are an institution that was established in 2016 to help make Sustainability a tangible option. Every member of the Green Sun Energy thrives to propagate the advantage of going solar. We are an organization that functions on the principles of long-term vision & prosperity, both of which are destined to be achieved by embracing the gift of Nature that is Solar.

Here, we work with passion, and a will to achieve the greater good, by aiming to spread Solar awareness & popularity on a national basis. With India being a tropical country that enjoys abundant sunlight year-round, we believe that we can achieve complete energy-independency through systematic initiatives & investments in the realm of Solar Energy.

Our Mission & Vision

It is our mission, to play a vital role in the herald of the new Age of Residue-Free Energy. The world is going Solar. Solar power is an international movement, a sustainable solution in the fight against climate change. As the best way to produce carbon & nuclear-free energy, Solar is the first step towards sustainable living, Our vision is to become a pioneer in the realm of Solar Harvesting. And we plan to achieve it through dispensing quality manufactured panels, expert installation & maintenance service along with quality monitoring assistance.


Mr. Naresh Bidawatka
Promoter, Managing Director

C.A. Harsh Bidawatka
General Manager, Business Developer.

What we do?

We design and develop wide range of Solar Products:
  • Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Project
  • Off Grid Solar Plant
  • Surface/Submersible Solar Pump
  • Solar Street Lighting System
  • Installation & Commissioning Services


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